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Has Anyone Got an Olympic Torch?

The countdown may have started some years ago to London 2012 but the closer we get, the louder the ticking seems. There are those who are really looking forward to the games whilst an increasing band of people have already had enough of the hype, the expense and the expectations that are being raised to impossible levels.

Already Team GB is forecasting a record haul of medals whilst we have the bizarre, but very worrying scenario, of householders in London being approached by the security services to have an anti-aircraft missile battery placed on their roof or in their garden. Not the kind of thing that happens every day! There are many more mundane issues though including calculating the cost per second of watching the men’s 100m final – the figure is around £73 per second which multiplies up to £4380 a minute or over a quarter of a million for an hour! There’s also the problem of how to get to the games. Nearly 200,000 extra overseas tourists are forecast to visit for the games with that number swelled by those just wanting to be in London during the glitz and glamour of the event. The tube is going to be even more like a sardine factory, the streets packed with people unable to move unless following the throng and gridlock on the roads into the capital. Thankfully, many of the events are primed to take place away from the capital and this is where a bit of careful planning and a hire car will come in useful.

Don’t leave it until the day of the event to travel to Weymouth for the sailing or Coventry for the football, because everyone else will do that. Stay overnight in the host cities or towns and if you’ve booked your hotel near to the venue, you can walk there.

Nearly everything in London, and indeed the whole UK, seems to have attracted a premium on price for the duration of the games but Rhino have resisted the urge to cash in and will still offer you the lowest price on car hire for the whole period of the games and indeed the British summer. Talking of which, the portents don’t look good, with it raining on the day the torch was handed over which, together with the wind, blew the Olympic flame out! The Met Office have issued a wary forecast for the games so we may see a repeat of the 2008 Beijing games where nearly every outdoor event was dogged by foul weather. Note to self…forget hiring a convertible, consider a DUKW instead!
Kellie Hodge
Posted: May 21, 2012 by Kellie Hodge 0 comments
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