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Dubai - The City Built for Tourists

When billionaire rulers of oil rich Persian Gulf countries want something, they get it and get it quickly.  Just a couple of decades ago, someone in a little emirate called Dubai desired for it to grow.  Poof.  Done.  Today Dubai is a massive city filled with glittery skyscrapers, bejewelled hotels, exquisite shops and one of the world's most glamorous populations.  Unlike any other city on earth, modern-day Dubai was built to attract tourists.  And by the thousands they arrive.

Most visitors spend much of their time in Dubai soaking up the sunshine on its crystal blue water beaches.  The city itself demands attention, though, soon successfully beckoning people away from the air conditioned sand.  From the Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building, to the winding alleys of the gold, spice and perfume souks, from its clean and shiny ultra-modern metro system to old boats slowly floating up and down a small creek, Dubai has sights - and the means of getting around them - in abundance. 

Streets and highways in Dubai are extremely well signed in both Arabic and English, which makes car hire Dubai a great option for travelling around the emirate and Dubai airport car hire is very popular and well stocked.  If you're shy about navigating foreign roads on your own, you'll find Dubai's taxis an extremely easy and inexpensive means of moving about, with drivers who always set the meters along with low fares that leave you with plenty of money to spend elsewhere.  If saving money is a priority, you'll do even better on the many comfortable air conditioned buses which cruise throughout the city.  However, if buses and taxis bore you - and they should - dhows, or small wooden boats, transport passengers from one side to the other of the creek which runs through the city  or cruise you up and down from one memorable spot to the next.  The extremely impressive above-ground metro system is perhaps the best of all of Dubai's means of transport, with the cleanest stations and trains in the world, comprehensive routes and flawlessly efficient schedules. 

Dubai - the city built for tourists - ensures not only that you come for a visit but also that you effortlessly see all it has to offer once you arrive.

Guest Post by Sabina Lohr
Chloe Demaret
Posted: March 08, 2011 by Chloe Demaret 1 comments
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Travel writer, social media guru, Chloe keeps our readers and customers up to speed with all the car rental and travel trends on our blog. Favourite destination: Dubai.

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Anna Rose
It's a nice post for all the people who like to visit different places. And i am one of them.
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