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Cyprus will struggle to build a tourist trade by ripping people off.

Cyprus has a tourism problem. When the Foreign Commonwealth Office describes what is supposed to be a top vacation spot as a place where people drive badly with no property security whatsoever then it is not a glowing reference.

To quote the FCO site –
  • Many British nationals have experienced serious problems associated with the purchase of property in Cyprus.
  • Driving standards are poor. You should drive with care and caution.
  • There is an underlying threat from terrorism.  Attacks, although unlikely, could be indiscriminate, including in places frequented by expatriates and foreign travellers.
Rip Off CyprusAlthough this property problem is part of a larger political one which is unavoidable, the island really needs to buck its ideas up. Cyprus is far more expensive than Spain and yet twice the distance to travel by plane. When you consider that a half hour taxi journey in Cyprus costs 70 Euros and a pint of beer in the capital costs 4.6 Euros then this is certainly not a cost effective place to travel to. So you would think that people in Cyprus would be putting their efforts into promoting tourism to make up for the prices? Wrong. Although there are some very friendly people here and some lovely local hotels, on the whole people try to rip you off.

At Youkoso sushi restaurant in Paphos on the Tomb of the Kings Road we were charged 24 Euros for some microscopic pieces of sushi. When I complained about the sushi size and price the owner looked me straight in the face and said what good quality sushi it was, even though it was composed of a decaying crab stick and some tinned lumpfish, which costs about 1.30 Euros, in the sushi rolls. We returned it and it went back in the fridge for the next sucker to eat. There were also two side dishes in small containers that had not even been filled up. One was a beef dish and one was a mushroom dish. I swear they used about a finger sized strip of beef and one mushroom to make the whole thing.  Youkoso is owned by Cypriots and they are the stingy kind and not the nice kind.To their credit they did give us a refund.
Cyprus Aerial Photo
At hotels in Limassol they charge you top dollar for the rooms in a four star hotel and then have the cheek to charge extra for the facilities which should be included. Four star hotels which charge 120 Euros per night should have free internet and sauna but hotels such as the Mediterranean Beach Hotel charge you five Euros extra for each. If that’s not a way to put off customers from returning I don’t know what is.
Chloe Demaret
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