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Boat Trips in Cyprus

If you are taking a break to the med this year, Cyprus is pretty much as far east as you can go!  With near guaranteed sunshine from May to September the beautiful island has plenty to offer.  Its crystal clear waters accessible from almost anywhere on the island within a short drive is truly worthy of its reputation for some of the best waters the med has to offer. 

From the lively town of Ayia Napa at the most easterly tip of the island right to Paphos and Polis in the west, the clear waters are a must.  And what better way to enjoy the water than from a boat!  Sure the beautiful beaches get you into the water, but why not get away from the masses and take a boat trip to some of the islands most beautiful spots that you wouldn’t otherwise get to experience.  Many trips are operated from Ayia Napa, I would recommend you pay Nissi Beach a visit, either by boat of the short 30 minute walk along the coast as the white sand is almost Caribbean like!  If you are in Paphos, the harbour has many trips available, from short hour cruises in a speed boat, to half and full day excursions.  Both sight seeing and fishing trips are available from a number of skippers on the quay, be warned you will be hot property as the skippers see you approaching, you are after all a pay cheque in their eyes, so only enquire if you are actually going to book, otherwise they will follow you along the quay until you do!  Be sure to haggle on the price, the ticket price is always negotiable, especially if travelling in a group, play hard as if the shoe were on the other foot, you’d be giving trips away!

If the thought of a crowded deck doesn’t float your boat however, there are a limited number of self drive boats available from Paphos, however if you have taken advantage of the cheap car hire Cyprus has to offer, jump in the car and head north to Polis, follow the coast along to Latchi and this is where the real fun begins.  Latchi is a beautiful harbour side village with some truly exceptional boats in its moorings, clearly the harbour of choice for the rich and famous on the island keeping out of reach of the busiest tourist hotspots whilst enjoying arguably the best stretch of coast line the island has to offer.   Latchi has a good supply of self drive speed boats, can take up to 8 adults and can be equipped with all the waters ports equipment you can think of from water ski’s and wake boards to inflatable rings and of course life jackets for both adults and children.  Prices start from approx 50 Euro per hour, however tend to creep up as demand increases in the height of the summer.  You should only take the self drive option if you are familiar with motor boats, its not for the complete novice as you are driving around in a 30,000 Euro boat powered by 200hp outboards!  These things are not for the faint hearted, but if you know what you are doing, a great little boat for a few hours!  A little advice, get safely out of the harbour, swing a left and power along the coast, past the island (feel free to wave to the fishermen around the island, their persistence is admirable, I’ve snorkelled around the whole island and not seen a single fish!) and onto the blue lagoon cove. 

Accessible only by water, the cove is a truly great find!  You might see the odd boat trip out there, but you’ll be happily in charge of your own vessel and can stay until your hearts content.  Anchor down and spend a few hours lapping up the sun or take a dip in the crystal clear water where it’s only about 10ft deep for a few hundred feet from shore!  Boat trips in Cyprus? There are lots on offer, but my advice, get a self hire from Latchi and get away from the crowds!
Chloe Demaret
Posted: March 03, 2010 by Chloe Demaret 1 comments
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To explore Cyprus and all it's beauty you will certainly need to hire a car and take a relaxing boat trip. I agree a self hire from Latchi is the perfect way to spend a day.
10/13/2010 6:45:43 AM