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Heathrow Airport Security – Liquids and Laptops Allowed in Cabin Bags

Heathrow Airport has announced it is rolling out new security scanners over the next few years capable of detecting liquids and laptops, tablets etc and their contents within passengers hand luggage. The new Computer Tomography (CT) Scanners are similar to those used in hospitals which are able to provide a clear 3D image of the contents of bags and luggage.

heathrow scanners allow liquids laptops

Operators and security staff will be able to quickly and easily view, rotate and assess detailed 3D images of bags and their contents. The new technology aims to deliver improved security for Heathrow Airport, including Terminal 5 , and its passengers and also to expedite the security process when navigating through the airport.

Is the 100ml Liquid Limit Still Applicable?

Yes, whilst there is no change to the law regarding the size of liquids allowed, at present any liquids up to 100ml must be taken out of the luggage to be scanned and placed in a clear plastic bag for inspection / scanning. There is no change to this 100ml limit, however the new CT security scanners at Heathrow will mean you no longer need to remove the item from the main case. The same applied to laptops, tablets and mobile phones which are currently scanned separately from luggage, these too can be left in the case and will be scanned whilst inside the bag.

No More Clear Plastic Bags at Heathrow Security

With the world focused on reducing the amount of single use plastics, the new technology will reduce the airports use of clear plastic bags, whilst a relative drop in the ocean, it’s certainly one less plastic bag in the ocean and a piece of welcome environmental news associated with aviation.

Is Heathrow the First Airport to Adopt CT Airport Scanners?

No, it’ll be the first airport in the UK to invest in the technology and has not doubt followed the success of Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson Airport and Chicago's O’Hare with up to 300 more scanners planned to deployment across the USA.

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Posted: June 06, 2019 by Phil Partridge
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