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Irish Toll Roads – A guide to toll roads in Ireland

Ireland has eleven toll roads in total, with 10 of these being conventional barrier tolls. If your car has an electronic tag it is possible to drive straight through, with the other option being to pay with cash at the toll. The popular visitor city of Dublin has a barrier free toll on the M50, which is operated by eFlow. Residents and visitors to Ireland alike are both required to pay the road tolls.

What is eflow?
If you are planning a journey on the M50 in and around Dublin you will need to pay a toll operated by eflow. This is very easy and involves you driving under the M50 tolling point. The camera will detect you registration number and then the toll will be assigned to your vehicle. The toll will vary depending on the size of your car and you have until the next day at 8pm to pay the toll. If you were to not pay, a fine would be issued directly to your home address.
How do I pay the M50 toll?
There are two options available to road users, either a pre-pay option or payment after using the road, within the specified time. This can be done online at: www.eflow.ie/i-want-to/pay-a-toll/. It is a simple process that involves you simply adding your registration number online.

How much is the M50 toll?
The cost depends on whether the vehicle is a registered account holder with eflow. An unregistered car is €3.10, whereas if you are registered and have a video account it will cost you €2.60 or €2.10 with a tag account. Large vehicles are more expensive with the cost of an unregistered articulated vehicle rising to €6.30.

Car Hire in Ireland:
It is worth contacting your rental car company if hiring a car in Ireland to see if your rental agreement covers the cost of toll charges. Some companies will, whereas others require you to pay the charges yourself.

Additional toll roads in Ireland:
  • M1 (Gormanston – Monasterboice)
  • M3 (Clonee – Kells)
  • M4 (KIlcock – Enfield – Kinnegad)
  • M7/M8 (Portlaoise – Castletown/Portlaoise Cullahill)
  • N6 (Galway – Ballinasloe)
  • N8 (Rathcormac – Fermoy Bypass)
Dublin Tunnel:
Whilst strictly speaking not a toll road, the tunnel is the most direct route from Dublin Airport to the port / city and was built to take the HGV traffic away from the city centre and reduce congestion. It is free for vehicles over 3.5t, buses over 25 seat capacity and registered disabled cars / drivers, however for regular cars / taxis, charges apply and is weighted heavily during peak times. Pedestrians and bicycles are not permitted at any time.
(into city)
(out of city)
Mon-Fri (06:00 - 10:00)
Mon-Fri (16:00 - 19:00)
All other times (inc public holidays)
All other times (inc public holidays)

Map of Toll Roads in Ireland
toll roads in ireland

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