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Germany on Top as all Teams Now Played

Simple answer, no.  If you are keeping up to speed with our daily world cup blogs you’ll understand.  Is it a case that the big teams are failing to deliver or the smaller team punching above their weight?  I watched most of the Spain v Switzerland game yesterday and yes Spain are without doubt a class outfit, but I am sure without doubt any Spain fan would rather see a scrappy game and 3 points, than beautiful football and a 1-0 defeat at the hands of Switzerland.  Taking nothing away from the Swiss, but even they surely did not expect to win that game!

Last night was a sad occasion for Bafana Bafana (the name given to the South African team) also as the hosts saw there group stage qualification hopes all but go out of the window.  A 3-0 defeat at the hands of Uruguay see’s them languishing bottom of group A with a -3 goal difference meaning a substantial win over France is needed in their final game and while the French side failed to impressive on their opening encounter, that’s a tall order. 

For the sake of the tournament, lets hope that the atmosphere continues to be as electric with the host nation seemingly falling short of expectation.  I have no doubt that the vuvuzela will be as loud, if not slightly annoying for the entire tournament!  The passion from the home crowd last night was truly something to behold and South Africa should be proud of the show it has put on so far, sadly their hopes of playing in the knock out stages seem over.

From Bafana Bafana and vuvuzela to Jabulani, the latest hot topic of this World Cup is the ball?  Derived from the Zulu words “to celebrate” it seems that many teams and players are far from celebrating this latest creation from Fifa.  The ball was especially designed to make the world cup more exciting with more goals as the ball moves around more in the air making it very difficult for goal keepers.  Although this seems to have backfired somewhat and it’s the outfield players struggling to adapt.  With very few shots on target so far, the keepers are having little to do! 

Players and pundits are blaming the ball for the ever increasing amount of shots going over the bar, saying its difficult to keep the ball down when shooting.  Try telling the Germans that, they managed a 4 goal drubbing of Australia and Diego Forlan seemed to have little troubles last night.  This is just a football lets not forget, something a large number of these players are paid over £100,000 a week to kick around!  The latest backlash comes from England manager Fabio Capello who has criticised the balls ‘irregular flight’ saying “For the players it is terrible”.

It has been reported however that the Germany squad have been using the Jabulani for the lat 6 month in training and so getting used to its ‘irregular flight’ could this be a deciding factor in the outcome of the tournament?  The Germans looked very assured in their opening game victory, has their methodical preparation put them ahead of the crowd?  My pre-tournament prediction of Italy is looking decidedly rocky, whilst Germans are setting the standard pretty high, so far something that Spain, Brazil nor Italy have come close too.

Today’s predictions;

Argentina 3 – 0 South Korea
Greece 0 – 1 Nigeria
France 2 – 1 Mexico

Chloe Demaret
Posted: June 17, 2010 by Chloe Demaret 0 comments
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