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Can Spain finally set the World Cup 2010 alight?

Well we have nearly seen all the big teams play and it has been an underwhelming World Cup so far. Last night’s game between Brazil and North Korea was one of the better efforts with the Koreans showing great dynamism and organisation to make a fist of it against one of the tournament favourites.

Brazil started with a goal from an impossible angle with dashing full-back Maicon absolutely hammering the ball in for an amazing goal, though the NK keeper should have done better at his near post, although in truth I'll take some convincing that it wasn't a mis guided cross!  Brazil showed their class with a second goal, but it was great to see North Korea scoring late to reward them for their enterprise.

The highlight for the neutral today will be Spain against Switzerland, with the latter having a mountain to climb against the might of the European champions. Normally playing last is a nerve wracking experience but based on what has gone before Spain should not have much to fear from the other teams in this tournament, save Germany who looked impressive.

Chile also take on Honduras today and despite Chile’s poor record in world cups they should have too much for the Central American team, especially as Honduras have some crucial injuries.

Then tonight the hosts South Africa will be in action against Uruguay and if they can win this, which they might well, it is fair to say that the country will go absolutely bonkers. If you’re watching this one on TV (or in the ground) bring your earplugs, the Vuvuzuelas are bound to be loud!

The real story of day five was the arrest of 40 or so Dutch women in Orange minidresses. FIFA claim that they were part of an ambush marketing campaign by Dutch beer Bavaria, though the company denies this.  As a Bavaria spokesperson says: “We launched the dress for the Queen's birthday as the Dutch are crazy about orange and we wear it at events like the World Cup.

“It's a nice, fashionable dress. People should have the right to wear whatever they want at the Football World Cup 2010.  He added: "There is no branding on the dresses, and FIFA don't have a monopoly on the colour orange."

The girls are said to have got their tickets from ITV pundit Robbie Earle, who has been sacked for alledgedly selling them on. It definitely sounds like there is more to the story so keep an eye on this blog for any updates and enjoy the games.

Today's predictions

Chile 1 - 0 Honduras
South Africa 1 - 1 Uruguay
Spain 4 - 0 Switzerland

Yesterday I got two predictions right with one perfect score!

Chloe Demaret
Posted: June 16, 2010 by Chloe Demaret 0 comments
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