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Holiday Packing Hacks – Travel Luggage

A recent study has suggested that the average family only use 64% of what they pack for their holiday. With the average case costing around £20 each way, £40 for a return flight, that equates to around £15 wasted luggage per case, or for a family of 4, £60. We’ve put together our top holiday packing hacks to save you space and money!

1. Roll your clothes
Rolling clothes is a great way to save space and keep them crease free whilst in the case.
Travel Packing Hacks Roll Clothes

2. Ditch the Wheeled Case
A wheeled suitcase can add an extra kilo or 2 to the weight. If you’re not walking far with your luggage, try a light weight case without wheels, your wheeled case could take up 10% of your luggage allowance! It’s likely better value to pay for a luggage trolley, see luggage trolley charges here.
Travel Packing Hacks Wheeled Case

3. Weigh Your Luggage
Always weigh your luggage before arriving at the airport, every extra kilo over your luggage limit is likely to cost you around £10 (each way – varies by airline).
Travel Packing Hacks Luggage Scales

4. Consider a TSA Lock
If your case needs to be inspected (if travelling outside of the EU), airport security can access a TSA lock, otherwise they’ll not hesitate to find anyway into your case they can, often breaking it, or at least the lock you have used.
Travel Packing Hacks TSA Lock

5. Luggage Identification Strap – Brighter the better!
You might think your Flamigo suitcase is a great idea and nobody else would be outlandish enough to buy one, but you’d likely be wrong. Identify your case with ease with a brightly coloured luggage strap. Or just buy a plain black case, nobody uses them anymore.
Travel Packing Hacks Luggage Strap

6. Name and Address
Write your name and address on a large piece of paper (laminate if you can!) and leave on top of your clothes before you close the case. It’s your best bet of being reunited with your luggage if it gets lost. Did you know that only 1 in 3 travellers label their case with name and address?
Travel Packing Hacks Luggage Tag

7. Luggage Cube
A great way of keeping your individual luggage separate from anyone else sharing your case. A perfect solution for families sharing a case. Simply open the case on arrival and grab your coloured cube. Save time sorting out who’s socks are who’s and get to the pool quicker!
Travel Packing Hacks Luggage Cubes

8. Underwear in a Bottle
Might sound a little strange, but if you’re travelling hand luggage only, rolling your smalls and stuffing inside a water bottle will keep them all in one place and save you rummaging around your undies in the airport or on the plane. Pop in a bag first on the way home, nobody wants dirty undies flavoured water!
Travel Packing Hacks Underwear

9. Use Your Kids
Use your kids luggage allowance. Children get the same luggage allowance as adults, so you might be able to fit all your luggage between yours and your kids hand luggage allowance. Whilst the Trunki is great for travelling with kids, it’s way smaller than most airline hand luggage allowance, so you could get lots more packed into carry on cases. Did you know, the Trunki isn’t allowed on Ryanair for free anymore?
Travel Packing Hacks Kids

10. Wear ALL Your Clothes
If all goes wrong and you find yourself overweight at the luggage scales and no amount of case sharing will get you under the limit, you can always wear ALL of your clothes. There is no limit on how many clothes you can wear on a plane. You might get a bit hot under the collar, so be sure to pack an extra deodorant or 2.
Travel Packing Hacks Clothes

11. TRTL Travel Pillow
More compact than a regular travel pillow, the TRTL is scientifically proven to offer better support to your neck and head when sat. They can also be worn as a ‘snood’ around the airport so one less thing to worry about fitting in the case.
Travel Packing Hacks TRLT

12. Duty Free Carrier
If you’re really struggling with your hand luggage allowance, no checks on the size of your hand luggage take place until you board, you can buy something small from a duty free shop in the departure lounge and pick up a carrier bag, take some stuff out of your oversized hand luggage and pop it into your carrier bag. You’re entitled to carry 1 duty free carrier bag on your flight.
Travel Packing Hacks Dutry Free Bag

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