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Wettest British Summer on Record? Blame the Jet Stream

One of the main things you consider when planning a holiday is what the weather is going to be like and if you’ve decided to holiday in the UK this summer it will be a major concern for you. Already we’ve had the Isle of Wight Festival which was virtually washed out, with festival goers having to live, let alone sleep, in their cars as roads were flooded and then blocked with abandoned vehicles.

In many parts of the UK we’ve been told by the weathermen that a month of rain had fallen in 24 hours but this has happened not once in July but several times so what they should be saying is that three or four months of rain have fallen already this month.

So is this summer really the worst in living memory or are we going to get told again at the end of the year that’s it’s been one of the warmest on record?

Well, for all of you that have said to friends or colleagues that this must be the worst summer in a long time, you are almost certainly right. Average temperatures, which should be around 21 or 22C for the capital, have struggled to make it past 18C and the rainfall; well that doesn’t need a whole lot of explanation for it’s almost a certainty that if you look out of your window it’ll be raining. We’ve just had St Swithin’s Day and the saying that if it rains on the day, it will rain for forty more days is well known to many. It’ll be of little surprise that it did rain and the weather forecasters, whilst promising a brief respite in the downpours, are still predicting more rain as we head into August and September.

The reason for all this is that the Jet Stream, a fast moving belt of winds in the upper atmosphere, is meant to be north of the UK bringing rain to Scandinavia, instead it is unusually far south bringing the rain to us. It seems to have no intention of moving, so promising more rain as per St Swithin’s prediction. Still, it gives other holiday destinations a perfect outlook so if you want hot sunny weather, head for the US, experiencing a severe heat wave in the southern states, whilst in Cyprus, the temperature has been on average six degrees hotter each month since April leading forecasters to predict a record breaking August when temperatures may top 50C.

For now the UK faces the prospect of a wet and dismal Olympics, leading into a wet and dismal autumn and if you’ve got some holiday entitlement left from work, you need to be planning a break somewhere south of that Jet Stream.
Chloe Demaret
Posted: July 17, 2012 by Chloe Demaret 1 comments
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Supposed to bring the rain to Scandinavia? It is. Sweden is having one of the wettest and coldest summers on record. Normally Stockholm is both drier and warmer than London in July. Maybe by 'Scandinavia' you mean Iceland? Scandinavia is rather big and spread out. What normally happens is that the Jet Stream gives the Nordic countries heat and sunshine, and northern Britain rain and chilly.temperatures.
7/19/2012 9:41:11 PM