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Holiday Foods - To Try or Not to Try?

If you’re the kind of person that goes to Benidorm or Ibiza because you love the food, this blog post will not interest you at all. If however, part of your holiday experience is to try something new in your holiday destination then this might give you some ideas, some of which have the potential to end your holiday prematurely whilst others will give you bragging rights at the pub on your return, especially if you can show the video on your smart phone.
So here goes; five of the most unusual foods you’ll encounter whilst abroad…

Escargot   If you’re travelling to France with the uninitiated, don’t mention that they’re snails; escargot sounds far more appetising. OK, when they arrive on the plate they’ll be instantly recognisable but you can still kid your travelling companions that the filling is simply served in the snail shells because it looks pretty. As to the taste and texture it depends on the way they’ve been prepared, if sautéed in butter and garlic, they’ll be chewy and slightly slimy, if removed from
the shell and blended with cream cheese and herbs, you may not notice anything unusual.

Yuck Rating 2/5
Bragging Rights 1/5

Durian Fruit   This is a fruit so how bad can it be? About the size of a large melon it’s covered in thorns and even uncut it has a ‘distinctive’ odour. Often inducing nausea, the smell has been likened to vomit, sweaty trainers, fermenting fish and worse. In parts of Southeast Asia, it is forbidden to take the durian into hotels or on public transport.

Yuck Rating 2/5
Bracking Rights 1/5


Fugu Fish
  Fugu is a fish which has a delicious flavour and costs upwards of £100 a serving. Whilst the taste is very nice earning it a yuck rating of 0/5, an organ in the fishes’ body contains a substance so toxic, over 300 people a year die after eating it in Japan. Chefs have to be specially licensed to prepare it as a slight nick of the knife will make the rest of the flesh deadly.

Yuck Rating 0/5
Bragging Rights 4/5

Grasshoppers and Locusts
Grasshoppers and Locusts  
A speciality of many African countries and Thailand, it’s almost a revenge thing; they eat your crops, you eat them! Deep fried, they are understandably crunchy and reputedly taste of nuts. Packed with protein, they’re actually very good for you!

Yuck Rating 4/5
Bragging Rights 3/5

Witchetty Grubs
Witchetty Grubs   An Australian object of macho pride, you’re not a Aussie man until you’ve eaten a witchetty grub. Favoured food of aborigines, the larvae are dug up close to roots and are about the size of your thumb. A not unpleasant white colour, they pop when you bite them (preferably raw or alive!), a lot of top Australian chefs have begun using them in their recipes but few of the meals sell well – unsurprisingly!
Yuck Rating 5/5
Bragging Rights 5/5

After reading this you can be forgiven for thinking that if this is what having an adventurous appetite means, then bring on the burgers and chips.
Kellie Hodge
Posted: July 23, 2012 by Kellie Hodge 0 comments
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Travel writer, customer service guru, Kellie knows the ins and outs of car rental and always happy to share her knowledge on our blog. Favourite country to visit: Spain.

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