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Tips to get the best from your Cyprus Car Hire

Tips to get the best from your Cyprus car hire

When visiting Cyprus for a vacation, it makes perfect sense to take advantage of the offers of cheap car hire Cyprus based rental companies have begun to make available. There is nothing more frustrating than having to spend valuable holiday time, working out how to get around using public transport. Below are some tips to help you get the best from your chosen car rental Cyprus based company.

•Most decent car rental companies will drop off your vehicle at the airport, ready for when you arrive. When choosing your provider, most good Cyprus car hire companies will deliver to both Paphos Airport and Larnaca Airport. This is a great way to start your vacation, removing the need to arrange your vehicle once you have arrived at your resort.

•Don’t forget your map, although Cyprus us fairly small, it can be confusing for the first time visitor. For most companies who supply cheap car hire Cyprus is their home, and are usually willing to supply local maps and even more useful local advice to people visiting the island for the first time.

•Make sure you are protected, check that the car rental company you choose has a well designed insurance package; many tourists each year find themselves in a financial mess after being involved in a road traffic accident without adequate insurance cover. You will also need to make sure that you are fully covered for medical costs, and all claims made by a third party.

•Do some homework before you visit Cyprus; learn the road signs, check to see if there are any particular traffic laws, or rules of the road that are significantly different from your home nation. Driving abroad can be challenging, it is best to be fully prepared before you take charge of your rental vehicle at your holiday destination.

These few simple tips will help to make sure that your holiday on Cyprus is not ruined by having to worry too much about the rental vehicle you are driving. Try to remember, your hire car is supposed to enhance your vacation experience, not restrict it. There can be no doubt that using a car to explore the more remote areas of Cyprus can be a rewarding experience, allowing you access to parts of the island that would be inaccessible otherwise.

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