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Four great historical sites to visit on Cyprus

Four great historical sites to visit on Cyprus

Cyprus has an incredibly long history, dating all the way back to 10,000 BC. Cyprus history has been influenced by the Egyptians, Greeks, Byzantines, Turkish, French and British during its long an colourful past. Many of the historical sites to be found on the island are somewhat off the beaten track. By taking up one of the offers car rental Cyprus becomes a historical playground for you to explore. Below are details of four of the great historical attractions to be found on the island of Cyprus.

•Famagusta – This ancient city is a must see destination for any visitor to Cyprus who may be interested in the history and culture of the island. A walled city, with a history dating back to 2,000 BC. The city itself has impressive walls which were built by the Lusignans, and a large quantity of fortifications and several castles.

•St Barnabas Monastery – This stunning example of a Christian monastery. It was built in 477 AD, on the site of the grave of St Barnabas, after Bishop Anthemios professed to divining the location of his last resting place in a dream. There is an impressive archaeology museum also hosted on the site.

•Tomb of the Kings – These incredible underground tombs are spread across a large area, and have been dated back to the 4th century BC. They have been entirely carved out of the solid rock; some of them have been decorated with Doric pillars. The name is slightly misleading, as Kings were not actually buried here; instead they were used as the burial place for high ranking officials.

•Larnaca Turkish Fortress – The fort itself is believed to have been built around 1625 and is sometimes called the medieval museum by locals. During the period of British rule over Cyprus it was used as a prison, it has now been converted into an archaeological museum, which houses finds from the excavations that have taken place at Tekke, Hala Sultan and Kition.

As you can clearly see from the small selection of highlights represented above, Cyprus has a wealth of historical value. By exploiting one of the many offers of cheap car hire Cyprus becomes a huge open air museum, rich in cultural and archaeological history, yours to explore as you see fit.

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