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Rhino's Review of the Capital Coast Resort Spa in Paphos

January has seen some amazing deals at the Capital Coast Resort Spa in Paphos, an ambitious four star hotel which doesn't quite live up to its promise. However when you can get a spacious and well appointed a two bed sea view apartment for only 37 Euros, who cares?

The Capital Coast Resort Spa was clearly conceived to be a grand project. The building has elegant architecture and two massive and impressive chandeliers greet you at reception. The staff is helpful, though there is clearly a shortage of them when you see the lady at the desk doubling up to serve breakfast the next morning.

A Room at the Capital Coast Resort Spa Hotel in Paphos - CyprusThe rooms are spacious and you can save yourself further money because they have fully equipped kitchens. There are blenders for making smoothies, a hob for heating stuff up and a good selection of cutlery and utensils. Not much expense has been spared on the utilities as the fridge and washing machine are made by Bosch, although some of the other decorations leave something to be desired. The paintings are dreadful and the whole décor has a somewhat sterile feel to it.

No matter! They have working television with Sky Sports, BBC and ITV playing on a large flat screen. This may not appeal so much if you have come from England but it is a bit of a treat for those who live abroad. Also having visited quite a lot of Cyprus hotels, very few of them have working television so this is nice. There is a screen in the lounge as well as the bedroom, which is great for families.

The real piece de resistance is the gym and sauna. Many hotels in Limassol are cheeky enough to try and charge you extra for the facilities which four star hotels are supposed to offer their guests. Not at the Capital Coast Resort Spa and there is a good steam room, a well equipped gym with weights, running and cycling machines, and an indoor and outdoor swimming pool as well as a Jacuzzi.

Swimming Pool at the Capital Coast Resort Spa in Paphos

The problem with the hotel is that it feels as though someone ran out of money half way through building it. While much of the hotel looks good enough to attract the fussiest visitors, there is paint cracking off the walls in places and I was even dismayed enough to find a tap in one of the (otherwise lovely) bathrooms come off in my hand. In short if they tried to charge you any more than 60 Euros per night it might not be worth it. The breakfast included gives you a good choice and is adequate enough.
The Capital Coast Resort Spa is located on Tombs of the Kings road and with Rhino Car Hire Cyprus you can drive to this archaeological site in about five minutes. It is also only half an hour away from our car hire Paphos airport office.

The website address for the Capital Coast Resort Spa is : http://www.capitalcoastresort.com

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Phil Partridge
Posted: January 21, 2010 by Phil Partridge 1 comments
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