Car Hire Booked with Flybmi – What now?

Car Hire Booked with Flybmi – What now?

If you’re one of the unfortunate passengers to have booked flights with Flybmi only to have received the text message on Sunday 17th February advising that your flight has been cancelled, your rental car may not be top of your priority list just yet, but it is something you need to consider, and the sooner the better.

"URGENT: Important message for Flybmi customers. All flights are cancelled.

Please go to for further details. Thank you."

If you booked car hire as part of your flight, whilst your flight is cancelled, it’s quite possible that your rental car is still a confirmed booking, of course, without a flight to get you to your holiday destination, its unlikely you’ll be needing the rental car if you’re not there. Those with holidays booked will no doubt be looking to arrange alternative flights, however your travel dates and times are more than likely to have changed, so where does that leave you with your rental car booking?

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Firstly, whilst Flybmi are advising customers to contact their card providers regarding refunds for flights, that is unlikely to extend to ancillary services such as car rental. Sixt are the official car rental partner of Flybmi and your rental car contract is likely direct with Sixt rather than Flybmi, meaning you should still be able to cancel your rental car with Sixt for a full refund. You should check your car rental confirmation for terms and conditions or contact Sixt regarding cancelling your rental car.

Why did Flybmi collapse?

Citing Brexit uncertainties and a rise in fuel prices as factors in its demise, the airline follows Monarch, Little Red (Virgin) and BMI are among a string a low cost carriers unable to survive in a super competitive space in the travel industry in recent years;
Monarch Airlines
Virgin Atlantic Little Red
British Midland International (BMI)
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