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The Best Job in the World - In Dublin?

We all remember the global competition run by Tourism Queensland in 2009 where a lucky chap called Ben fought off competition from over 30,000 applicants to land what was dubbed the best job in the world.  It wasn't hard to see why either, a salary of AUD $150,000 for a mere 6 months work living an island paradise existence on the Islands of the Great Barrier Reef, one of Australia's if not the World's most idyllic locations.

That was 2009 however and times have moved on.  A recent trip to Dublin for me witnessed a serious competitor to the world best job.  Guinness Quality Control.  Whilst the climate is unlikely to compete on many levels with the Queensland role, there are perks that out way any amount of white sandy beaches and clear blue skies and it is much darker.  Guinness is a world renowned stout and it's true to say that you have never really tried Guinness until you have tried Guinness in Dublin.  Brewed at the Storehouse in central Dublin, you can take a tour and see how the methods used for generations have stood the test of time.  Take the tour and enjoy a refreshing pint of Ireland's most famous export (closely followed by Jedward!) at the viewing tower with 360 panoramic views over the city.

If you enjoyed your Guinness, as I am sure you will have, there seems to be a role there perfect for you!  I am not suggesting there are any vacancies, but it seems the role does exist and whilst I did witness any official quality control from employees of Guinness, I can assure you that all the Guinness I 'sampled' was up to scratch.

Dublin is a short hop from the UK and popular with the budget airlines.  You can get fares from as little as £15 each way and Dublin airport car hire from as little as 11Euro per day.  With plenty to see and do in and around the city, you really cannot afford not to visit and whilst you are there, it's almost mandatory to sample the best Guinness in the World.
Kellie Hodge
Posted: February 28, 2011 by Kellie Hodge 0 comments
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