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First Day on Holiday in the Gambia

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 Alex Demaret
Editor - Alex Demaret
Hotel Room at the Sheraton Gambia
Awoke to gorgeous sunshine and a panoramic view of the hotel grounds and beach as seen from our private balcony– very impressive. However on our first night there was a mix up with the rooms – my son and I, who were sharing, were shown to a room with ONE DOUBLE BED!  We were not pleased. It appeared that we had been give the room which was originally intended for one of my granddaughters and her partner who were now in a room with TWO SINGLE BEDS! (they were also not pleased) – say no more!!

Eventually the situation was resolved and luggage etc. was changed from room to room and everybody was happy – EXCEPT that one of the four double rooms that we had booked suffered from a failure of the air conditioning system and the two girls that were in that room spent an uncomfortable and sleepless night. Although it was repaired the following day the problem with the air conditioning for that particular room was never fully resolved and it was ‘off and on’ for most of the 11 day holiday.

Breakfast at the Gambia Sheraton HotelWe all met up for breakfast which as with all the meals was ‘buffet style’ and we were impressed with the large comprehensive selection. This included: eggs prepared to your choice either scrambled or a freshly prepared omelette with various fillings, fresh bread and toast (the toaster machine worked on a conveyor belt system – the slices of bread were placed in the top and gradually disappeared along a moving grill system to appear a few seconds later nicely toasted ), an abundance of fresh fruit and salads that would satisfy any vegetarian – but if your choice was a good old English breakfast then join the queue for baked beans, fried potatoes, mushrooms, crispy bacon and fried bread etc. with dollops of tomato sauce...YUMMY!

Baobab Tree in GambiaAlso available were bread rolls, different types of cheeses, cold meats and various fresh fruit juices. One of the juices was made from the fruit of the Baobab tree. I asked one of the waiters how it was prepared and he told me that the seeds of the Baobab fruit are soaked in water and compressed to create a drink with the appearance of grapefruit juice and with a thick sweet distinctive taste.

Another ‘local’ fruit juice which resembled blackcurrant juice was made from Hibiscus flower petals. When the Hibiscus fruit is fully ripe it is discarded and the petals only are dried and then steeped in boiling water. As the resulting brew is bitter, sugar is added to create a very rich and sweet cherry red drink.

After breakfast we all made for the huge private beach and sea front area. A hotel attendant who looked after the sun loungers and beach towels introduced himself and after arranging 8 sun loungers informed us that he would put them out especially for us each morning – what service!

Putting On Sun CreamAfter applying liberal amounts of suntan lotion and mosquito repellent we all settled down on our sun loungers – Oh what bliss.

Swimming Pool Gambia Sheraton HotelAfter a little while it was time for a cooling swim – decisions decisions!  Should I choose the impressive large swimming pool or the warm and inviting sea? (the ocean was only a few yards away). So I enjoyed both and after rinsing off in the poolside shower  continued with more serious sunbathing and possibly a gentle snooze.

Before I could say ‘lamb curry’ it was time for lunch and we all lined up with plate in hand at the outdoor restaurant buffet.

Again an enormous menu of fish, lamb, chicken, beef and prawns etc, all prepared in various ways including delicious curries. Lots of vegetables and rice, salads, fruits, cheeses, cold meats and an excellent assortment of desserts – all washed down with a very acceptable house wine and a couple of local beers which is all included in the ‘ALL INCLUSIVE PACKAGE’.

Back to the beach for more sun, swimming and snoozing – this is the life! It is hard to believe that only two days ago we left the U.K. with temperatures of minus 8 degrees!

Eventually around 5pm it was time for the ‘lads’ to hit the bar for some pre dinner refreshments while the girls went back to their rooms to prepare for the evening entertainment and dinner.

Chloe Demaret
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