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Dining and Entertainment - Gambia Sheraton Hotel

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 Alex Demaret
Editor - Alex Demaret
The evening meal was usually enjoyed in the outside restaurant and once again was a buffet dinner with the usual impressive menu.

On most evenings there was entertainment from local musicians and dancers including a lady ‘fire eater’. One evening my family persuaded me to join the Gambian lady dancers who were performing a type of ‘war dance’!! – after this 70 year old had probably made a fool of himself I returned to the bar area exhausted but amidst thunderous applause.
Dancers in the Gambia

One evening we decided to venture outside the hotel to enjoy an authentic Indian Curry at ‘The Clay Oven Restaurant’ which is situated in Fajara some 30 minutes taxi ride from the hotel. It was the restaurants Tandoori ‘Sizzler’ night, an excellent curry washed down with cold local beer.

One of the highlights of the holiday was the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dinner buffets, but more of that later.

After about 3 days some of our group complained of sickness and tummy upsets and one unfortunate male member of our family was bedridden for 2 days. Now these symptoms can sometimes be caused by the ‘Malarone’ anti malaria tablets or even over indulging in the hot sun, but it could also have been a form of food poisoning. I spoke to quite a few other hotel guests who had experienced similar symptoms.

                         Gambian Dancers at the Hotel Sheraton Gambia

Barbecue at the Sheraton Gambia
Chloe Demaret
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