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Christmas Eve & Christmas Day - Gambia Sheraton Hotel

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 Alex Demaret
Editor - Alex Demaret
Fish Platter Gambia Xmas EveFor the Christmas Eve Banquet the Hotel sold tickets to non residents, so the restaurant and bar area was overflowing with merrymakers.

Although there was the usual large selection of buffet food which was well displayed and presented, I personally missed the pork pie, cold ham, cheese and pickles etc. that I normally would enjoy on a Christmas Eve back in U.K.
Xmas Eve Sheraton Gambia HotelOne of our party was still suffering with an ‘upset stomach’ and unfortunately missed the evening meal and  celebrations.

There was entertainment during the evening including a group of Carol Singers, but I could not get into the Christmas spirit and realised how different this time of the year is back in the U.K.
Xmas Eve Barbecue GambiaChristmas Day and Boxing Day Lunch and Dinner were the usual  large buffets with some extra dishes especially desserts.

My goodness how I missed Christmas lunch in the U.K. with the gorgeous roast potatoes, succulent roast beef, delicious turkey and ham all accompanied by tasty vegetables and covered with ‘LOADS OF LOVELY GRAVY’!!  - Not at all like this in the Gambia.
During the afternoon Father Christmas arrived on a donkey drawn cart carrying loads of presents which he later handed out to the young children.
Father Christmas Gambia Xmas Day
Black Santa Clause Gambia

The next couple of days were mostly spent relaxing sunbathing and swimming before returning to the U.K. on 28 December.


The Sheraton Hotel is positioned on its own very large private beach and the outdoor facilities are excellent. Most of the staff were cheerful and tried to please.

The rooms were large and well equipped but could have been more thoroughly cleaned and some days towels were not changed.

The air conditioning was faulty in many of the rooms.

The buffet meals offered a large selection but after a few days became repetitive and slightly monotonous. I suspect that food left over from an evening buffet was possibly reheated and served the following day.

Although this is a 5* Gambia Hotel, in Europe it would probably only rate a 4* status and an overall improvement and better management control is needed here.

I would recommend booking the ‘All In Inclusive Tariff’ which is very good value.

I enjoyed my ‘Gambia Experience’ but I will not visit there again.

Chloe Demaret
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