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Petrol Strike in Cyprus February 2010

Living in a developed country a petrol strike is not something that you are prepared for. If you are a foreigner living temporarily in that country and not able to read the local newspapers then it can hit you without warning.

This week most of the major petrol stations in the Mediterranean island Cyprus have gone on strike apart from Lukoil and Hellenic. That means that what is the third largest island in the Mediterranean only has 46 working stations while the other 230 are closed.A Cyprus resident Steph Simpson said on Twitter that the roads in the seaside town of Larnaca were completely empty due to the strike.

Petrol Strike in Cyprus Feb 2010The strike is expected to last eight days. It was preceded by a price cap by the Cyprus minister of commerce and industry Antonis Paschalides. His plan was to curb the corrupt ways of petrol stations which are buying first and selling last. That basically means that they are not passing on any savings to the customer and instead are selling petrol at its new higher price, rather than the price they bought it at.
The new maximum price law is intended to put a stop to this.

The government decree has set out what is the most that can be charged for 95 octane petrol, 98 octane and diesel over the next eight days – 95 cents, 97 cents and 87.5 cents respectively. The moves were put in place after the energy ministry complained that the price of petrol was too high. They found that the price of petrol was disproportionately higher than when it had been when imported at the beginning of February.

Stephanos Stephanou, the head of the dealers' association, said: "The decision for a Cyprus petrol strike will be valid until the minister decides to repeal his price cap decree, which we are aware is in effect for eight days. The prices that have been set by the ministry do not make it worthwhile for us to stay open and do business."

Cyprus fuel prices are not regulated and the authorities are relied upon to keep an eye on them. The petrol stations depend on licensing from individual dealers.

You can find out which stations are opening in your Cyprus district by dialling 1492.
Despite the Cyprus Petrol strike Rhino car hire Cyprus is still giving our rental customers a full tank of fuel when they book with us. Prices are low and the weather is lovely at this time of year.
Chloe Demaret
Posted: February 25, 2010 by Chloe Demaret 0 comments
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