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QE 2 Cruise to South America

John & Val’s cruise to South America on board the QE2

We had always wanted to visit South America but the thought of the long flight from England deterred us Then one day while reading a daily newspaper we saw an advert under the QE2 banner of a 31 day ocean cruise to South America and The Falkland islands.  We looked at the price of the cruise and yes it was within our budget so without any more a do we contacted the cruise company and made a reservation. 
QE2 Canary Islands

We boarded the ship at Southampton on a grey day in November.  As soon as we stepped on to the ship we received a great welcome on board.  A steward personally escorted us to our cabin.  The cabin was indeed a bonus.  We had paid for an interior cabin but lo and behold we had been upgraded and we had a cabin with a view!  The ship was fantastic and it’s such a pity that it has now gone to ground in Dubai.  The restaurants were magnificent, virtually all the passengers went to a lot of trouble with their evening attire, the waiters/waitresses were immaculately dressed and the meals were superb. Afternoon tea was a great occasion in the ballroom with tea served from silver teapots, beautiful dainty cakes and sandwiches, and all served by white gloved waiters/waitresses. A real step back in time and so much more enjoyable than today’s rushed lifestyle.  An orchestra played every evening in the ballroom for dancing and we enjoyed nightly shows in the theatre.

Crossing the Equator was a great notable occasion.  Passengers jumped into the pools, horns sounded, passengers cheered and all received a personal certification of the Equator crossing.

Our ports of call included Tenerife, Gran Canaria Dakar, Bahia de Salvador, Uruguay but the highlights of the voyage were the day spent in Montevideo, two days spent in Rio de Janeiro and the day in the Falklands.   Rio de Janeiro is a bustling cosmopolitan city with so many places of interest.  A visit to the Christ the Redeemer Statue on Corcovado Mountain was a must.   We boarded a cogwheel red train at the foot of the mountain to the summit and we were entranced by the size and majesty of the statue and the fantastic view of the city from the mountain top.   Sugar Loaf Mountain and Copacabana Beach were two other highlights.
Falkland Islands

 The day we were due to dock in the Falklands was a beautiful clear sunny day.   Prior to arrival we had been told that on the last few visits the ship had been unable to dock because of inclement weather.   But on this occasion the weather was definitely for us and we were taken ashore on the ship’s life boats.  The island was like a step back in time, so very laid back, and with a very small population.  A most enjoyable day was spent there talking to the islanders and hearing about their lifestyle.

Well in all we had the most wonderful 31 days at sea.  The seas were unbelievably calm for the whole duration of the voyage.  We thought we must cruise again and, yes, we have although none have quite met the criteria of this wonderful memorable voyage.
QE2 Canary Islands Car Hire

Kellie Hodge
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