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Things are starting to look up for 2009 with a Giant Doner Kebab in Paphos

Things are starting to look up for 2009. After what can only be described as a miserable year (I had a great time but the world is in a particularly shabby state, even by our own shabby standards) hope is finally on the horizon.
There will be a tasty start to the New Year in Paphos, Cyprus, where attempts will be made to create a record breaking doner kebab.

Giant Kebab in Paphos, Cyprus at Xmas 2008
Now I know kebabs are not British by origin, but they have certainly been adopted by that green and pleasant land and a greasy doner kebab is a prerequisite to having a good night out in an English city.
Unfortunately for most English people so is downing six pints of beer and a few alcopops so I can only hope things don’t turn ugly in Paphos. The sight of a giant doner kebab could provoke New Year’s Eve revellers to get into all kinds of trouble. You heard it here first.
Not only will your kebabs be super sized in 2009, but there’s a very good chance of finding a great holiday deal if you look in the right places.

According to the senior editor of Travelocity, Genevieve Shaw Brown, "As long as the economic slowdown continues, deals will abound for people who do have discretionary income to travel."
Hmmm, discretionary is an interesting choice of word. When have people ever had good judgement when it comes to spending money? But it hits the nail on the head, whether or not people have money, their yearly vacation will probably be the last thing that they sacrifice. Which is good, because what’s the point in living if we can’t take some time off once in a while to enjoy ourselves?

Apparently 2009 is that time, because of a combination of the lowest petrol prices for years (currently 0.77 in Cyprus) and a scramble by the travel industry to entice customers with deals.
Brown continues to say that travellers should see what they can get out of their hotel stay, whether it is discounted room rates or value-added promotions which are everywhere - free nights, free breakfast, or a free room upgrade.
Of course, should you find a deal one good piece of advice is to get it secured as many travel companies have been going bust recently. If you pay for a holiday with a credit card as opposed to a debit card then you will get your money back should anything go wrong.

Foot Prints in the Sandy Beaches of Paphos
Among the good offers an early autumn deal break at the three-star Perola do hotel in the Algarve which starts from £185. The seven night stay is on a self-catering basis travelling between the 1st – 18th October 2009 with Thompson Holidays.
Cheapflights.co.uk has return flights to winter holiday destinations in Europe such as Geneva, Turin and Toulouse starting from around £33.
And Last Minute can get you a stay in a four star Malaga hotel, the Hotel Riu Nautilus on a beach promenade, from £81 including meals at the beginning of January.
So get searching for all the latest deals and with the help of Rhino Car Hire you can look forward to a cheap and convenient holiday.
Phil Partridge
Posted: December 16, 2008 by Phil Partridge 0 comments
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