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Where can travelling take you?

Where can travelling take you?

Picture of the Main Square in Puebla

I have always been a travel addict, and 4 years ago I decide to take a road trip around Central Mexico. Little did I know, this adventure would lead to a whole new online business.

I had been to Mexico once before, studying Spanish in the beautiful Colonial city of Cuernavaca, just South of Mexico city, and I had fallen in love with the people, the food and the relaxed lifestyle, so a return trip was a must, but this time I really wanted to see as much of Mexico as I could, and that meant a Road Trip with my Mexican friend Tania.

Being an Irish woman, travelling with a Mexican the trip was a combination of detailed planning on my part, and total chaos from her. We’d agreed the itinerary months before, and I sorted out the hotels and hired a car through an online car hire site in the UK. All she needed to do was to turn up, and get me from a to b to c…

Not surprisingly things did not go as planned...

It started as a well-planned trip for 2, but by the time I got to Cuernavaca and had a night out with Tania and her friends, it had turned into an impromptu trip for 4, which for starters meant a local upgrade on the hire car. Considering my limited Spanish, and a 6 hour time difference with the original booking agency, things actually went remarkably well and we were soon heading off on the first leg of the journey. First stop Puerto Vallarta, up on the Pacific Coast.

A hair raising drive through Mexico City and a 16 hour drive across Central and Western Mexico later (they’d led me to believe it was 8 hours otherwise I would NEVER have volunteered). And we were in Puerto Vallarta where we spent a wonderful few days including a fabulous New Years Eve on the Pacific Coast. Where else can you combine whale watching and fireworks with beautiful beaches and fabulous food?
Sunset in Puerto Vallarta

Xmas in San Miguel, Mexico

After a week in Puerto Vallarta we continued our tour, taking in the stunning colonial cities of Guanajuato, San Migel de Allende, Puebla and finally the beautiful silver mining town of Taxco (our last stop before the return to Cuernavaca).

Stunning colonial cities of Guanajuato

Taxco was beautiful. A pretty hilltop town of tiny whitewashed houses, cobbled streets, a breathtaking Cathedral, and amazing silver jewellery. I was so impressed with the quality and workmanship of the jewellery in Taxco that I bought a selection of designs from a young designer and decided to bring them back to the UK for various friends.

Picture of Taxco Cathedral in Mexico

My friends loved the jewellery and after a few weeks of thinking about it, and a few emails back and forward between me and the young Mexican designer from Taxco, I decided to set up a small business selling this beautiful silver jewellery online. Corazon Latino started small, but it turned out to be a huge success. People appreciated the quality of the jewellery, and 4 years on, I am now designing my own exclusive pieces, made for me by the wonderful smiths of Taxco (as well as some fabulous pendants made for me on the shores of the Baltic Sea from natural Baltic amber), and selling them all over the world.
Kellie Hodge
Posted: December 16, 2008 by Kellie Hodge 1 comments
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