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If you drive a Lamborghini...

Don’t forget to carry some loose change for bridge tolls… Whilst waiting for the final balloon ascent at The Clifton Suspension Bridge, a prime viewing point for the 2015 record breaking Bristol Balloon Fiesta, what sounded like thunder on the horizon was alarming (not ideal balloon flying conditions!). However fears were extinguished when a bright orange Lamborghini thundered along the narrow road to the approach to one of Brunel’s finest creations. Pulling up at the toll booth, the Italian supercar drew quite a crowd in its Arancio Atlas paint and thunderous exhaust note at idle.
What followed, however perhaps wasn’t what the proud owner had planned. First sign of trouble was the opening of the rather cool scissor door and the driver getting out of the car to use the intercom service. A few minutes later it appeared clear that the driver of the £150,000 supercar didn’t have the £1 bridge toll and had to resort to asking onlookers to dig deep and help out.
£1 donated from a young couple later, the Lambo’s engine was re-ignited, the barrier lifted and carefully and rather sheepishly drove over Bristol’s most famous landmark.

Lamborghini Bristol

Whatever type of car you hire in Bristol, make sure you have some loose change to pay the bridge tolls!
Kellie Hodge
Posted: August 10, 2015 by Kellie Hodge 0 comments
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