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Emigration - The Most Popular Destinations to Emigrate

The economic downturn in the UK is showing stuttering signs of changing for the better but there are still nearly a million people who are so fed up with life in the UK they are considering emigrating and whilst France was once a firm favourite for those who wanted to be within touching distance of home, you’d be surprised at some of the destinations being considered by those who want a new life.

The most noticeable common factor about all of the top ten destinations is their climate. It seems that few are choosing to emigrate to Russia, Norway or Antarctica, instead it’s a lifestyle choice where warm sunshine will help the British ideal of an outdoor lifestyle become a reality.EmigrateE

Finances play a big part too for it’s not too hard to see why many choose Australia with its booming economy or the UAE where high salaries are a big draw. These days it’s not just the retired heading abroad and an increasing proportion of émigrés are families looking for better environments for bringing up their children.
Top of the list, a position it has held for the last twenty years, is Australia which now has well over a million Brits. It combines all the factors important to a British person; good weather, well-paid jobs, culture and a shared language.

Second place has flipped between the USA and Spain over the last two decades. America was the second most popular destination in the nineties before falling from favour with high crime levels and a deep recession. Spain took its place before that too became riddled with financial and social problems so that America has now regained second place with Florida top of the list. Nearly a million Brits now call the US their home with Canada in third place with just over 600,000 living there.

Emigrating can be a tougher choice than you’d imagine. Leaving family and friends behind; the uncertainty of life in a new country; new rules and regulations to get used to and in many countries, you may not be accepted because of skills, age or criminal record. It’s a minefield, but take it slowly with a couple of familiarisation visits to the country. Hire a car and travel round to get a feel of the different cities and life in general. If possible, go there at different times of year and do the same.

You’ll need to do your research carefully for the two main reasons emigrating fails are homesickness and an overly optimistic view of finances and the last thing you want is to be forced to return home penniless.

Emigrating can be life changing and for the majority, it’s a change for the better. Choose carefully, think hard and plan well and you could be one of them.
Kellie Hodge
Posted: August 27, 2013 by Kellie Hodge 0 comments
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