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Is Cyprus a Good Winter Sun Destination? We Think So...

In the aftermath of the financial collapse in Cyprus, the Cypriot government seem to be doing nothing to help Cyprus recover; instead, they’re simply blaming the inadequacies of the previous government.

Whilst as a whole the Cypriot people are happy to sit back and let things take their course in the sure and certain hope that as Micawber says ‘Something’s Bound to Turn Up’, some are relying less on the distant prospects of the oil and gas reserves and seeking to encourage a little self-help on the island.

A group of Cypriots, English and other expatriate nationalities are setting up an organisation in Paphos that hopes to encourage a turnaround in fortunes for the island and top of their agenda is the lack of recognition of Cyprus as a winter holiday destination.

This winter just passed in Cyprus was particularly good and yet meteorologists say it was only just above average for temperature and sunshine levels and just below average for rain. If that’s the case, in an average year visitors in December, February and March, if not the traditionally coldest month of January, can expect temperatures little different to those of the Canary Islands and with an average of at least five hours of sunshine a day.

Cyprus Winter Sun

It’s not that the infrastructure isn’t there; many hotels do stay open in the winter and those that don’t, close only because there’s no marketing done to encourage travellers to visit Cyprus for a winter break. easyJet, Jet2 and Ryanair all offer daily flights to the island throughout the winter and prices can be very low.

Some hotels offer special deals through the winter and although many of the restaurants and bars close for the winter – again through lack of promotion of the island as a year round destination, most hotels offer an all-inclusive package meaning you needn’t leave your hotel if you don’t want to. Car hire is available very cheaply too with a week costing under ten euros a day on certain dates in winter.

The group are hoping then to turn their attention to the fruit that falls from the islands trees only to rot on the ground and after that, the abandoned housing estates, now overgrown and ugly.

Cyprus really needs help and needs it soon. If you love the island, look out for ways you can help it recover from the savagery of the EU bailout conditions – one of the most enjoyable is to book a very good value winter break and bring some much needed cash to the country.
Chloe Demaret
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