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What Is A Summer Holiday To You?

Is it long days soaking up the sun, an occasional cool off in the sea and getting through the latest Lee Child thriller or are you the restless type that can’t stay still on a sunbed and have to be in the sea, swimming or jet skiing or windsurfing?

For years, the travel industry has tried to shoehorn us into that expectation of holidays in hot countries and maybe there’s a need for it with the stress of our daily lives. There is an alternative though to the stereotypical indolence of beach holidays and it’s just as good for stress busting. Have you considered using your fortnight to learn a new skill or take up that hobby you’ve never had time for at home?

Previously, holidays of this type have involved staying in the middle of nowhere, usually with no escape and spending the fortnight with often socially challenged people who are usually so good at the activity as ‘they’ve been coming here for years’, that you feel totally inadequate.

Now though, there is an alternative.  As usual, book your holiday through a tour company or put it together yourself, it doesn’t matter if you’re staying in a beach resort for that gives you some respite and often means you won’t pay the premium prices for your activity holiday. The next step is crucial, for you need to be disciplined. Before you book your holiday, take a look at the page for the country you hope to visit on www.angloinfo.com.

There, amongst the forums or classifieds, you’ll regularly find people offering art lessons, music lessons, wine tasting and more, usually at great value for money prices too. If you like what your see, book the trip and a couple of emails later, you’ll have put together your own activity itinerary. If there are some gaps, don’t worry, for once you arrive, a trip to the local supermarket will find ads on their customer notice boards for more activities, be it language lessons or cookery classes. You may need to hire a car and Rhinocarhire.com can help there but in this way you’ll get to meet a wide range of people and if you arrange your activities for the first week you can drop the ones you don’t enjoy for the second week and concentrate on those you do.

Then, when you return home, instead of dozens of samey photos of you on the beach, you’ll have your newly developed skills to bring back memories of your summer break.
Chloe Demaret
Posted: April 23, 2012 by Chloe Demaret 0 comments
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Travel writer, social media guru, Chloe keeps our readers and customers up to speed with all the car rental and travel trends on our blog. Favourite destination: Dubai.

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