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Top Tips For Budget Travellers

Times are hard for most people in Europe and government cuts in the UK have impacted many families very harshly but there’s one thing that the British family finds it hard to give up on and that’s the annual holiday.

So what are the options when times are tough?
The government and the country’s tourist board promote ‘staycations’ but are they really the best option? Taking into account the cost of fuel, with Britain being one of the highest in Europe, unless you’re going to holiday next door, your fuel costs are going to mount up.
The UK is also very fond of jacking up prices on accommodation during the school holidays and looking at self-catering cottage holidays shows the result with few under a thousand pounds a week and that’s quite often only with enough room for a couple. Eating out in the UK isn’t cheap either and with new VAT rules on hot food, fish and chips on a park bench, usually in the rain, is still going to be an expensive meal.

Surely going abroad can’t be cheaper?
Budget savvy travellers have a routine for getting in their fortnight away. The first stop is to look at websites such as Skyscanner.net and type in any destination for the month of travel. The site gives a list ranked in price order of flights from the locations and prices from a tenner plus charges are quite common.  The next step is to find accommodation in the area around the chosen airport. There are plenty of websites for this and even some of the big names like Hotels.com will have some bargain basement accommodation for those who aren’t too fussy.
Next question is how to get around and see some of the area to be visited. Local transport or the hire of bicycles is a good idea but not so much for travellers with mobility issues. Hire cars can seem an expensive option but take a look at the prices offered by Rhino for a week in some of the more popular destinations and weekly rates of just over £50 are not uncommon. We had record low rates in Spain and Portugal this year with prices falling to under £4 per day, yes you read that right, UNDER £4 per day!
Everyone’s got to eat but it’s not necessary to eat out at a restaurant each evening. Many of the budget accommodations have a small kitchenette where preparing food from a local supermarket is easy. Often prices for fresh local produce are a fraction of those in the UK, for example, lettuce in Cyprus recently was selling for 18c each at a major supermarket chain.
Putting together a budget holiday is a time consuming, yet rewarding occupation and if your fortnight in the sun is valuable to you then you’ll now know where to start!
Phil Partridge
Posted: April 19, 2012 by Phil Partridge 0 comments
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Travel writer, car rental guru, Phil has rented cars all over the world and shares his knowledge and experience on the Rhinocarhire.com Blog. Favourite country to visit: France.

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