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World Awaits 2010 FIFA World Cup 2010....

The FIFA football 2010 World Cup is set to be an historic event for it is the first time that the tournament will be held in Africa.  Although Africa plays out its own tournament, the African Cup of Nations on a bi-annual basis, Africans have never had the pleasure of seeing world cup matches on home soil.
Football is massively popular on the African continent and continues to grow in stature every day. This is helped in part by the number of world class superstars that it produces. This legacy stretches all the way back from the Liberian world footballer of the year, George Weah, to present day superstars like Didier Drogba from the Ivory Coast and Cameroonian Samuel Eto.
As the most developed of the African countries, it is no surprise that the world cup is being held in South Africa, spread out across cities such as Johannesburg, Durban, and Capetown. Every world cup has its preparation problems so we should probably not read too much into the fears that developers have run behind time in building the world cup stadiums. More worrying are the security concerns, although the organisers are assuring the watching world that huge steps are being made to ensure the smooth running of the greatest sporting event on earth.

But South Africa has relatively high crime rates. Visitors should make sure that they get car hire South Africa that comes with comprehensive insurance cover and do some reading up before they travel.  Check out the Rhino Drive Smart Guide for when considering Car Hire South Africa.  For instance, you have to be wary of car-jackings in South Africa and so not let yourself get ‘boxed’ in by two cars at a red light late at night. However, security will be high for the FIFA football 2010 World Cup so arguably there is no better time to visit this incredible country. Try and take a few weeks off, that way you can not only see a match and support your team, but take some time to see wonderful sights that include the beaches of Cape Town and the numerous national parks filled with huge animals like lions and tigers. Make no mistake, this will be a spectacle.

Some quick team news, England are glad to welcoming back Wayne Rooney after an injury scare, although will be competing without the influential Beckham, sidelined until November with an Achilles injury.  Has Spain's chance of success been dented by the injury to both Fabregas and Torres in Premiership Action.  One thing is for sure, all national managers will be sleeping with their fingers crossed for the next 6 weeks in hope that none of their star players are hit by injury in the closing stages of the European season, where a large proportion of the worlds best players earn their living.
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