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Motorist gets carried away

Speeding in car parks can be dangerous as a motorist found out when he reversed his car through a wall– leaving the vehicle precariously perched seven storeys up.
Bad Park
The 67 year old driver was reversing into a parking spot in Tulsa, Oklahoma, when his foot got stuck between the brake and the accelerator. His car smashed through the wall with the car boot emerging into open air. The amazing images were captured on the mobile phones of workers in the vicinity.

While the driver, who did not wish to give his name, was unharmed, the vehicles below were not so lucky and got damaged by a hail of bricks and mortar.
One woman had her brand new Toyota Corolla badly damaged.

Corporal David Crow of the Tulsa Police Department said: “At ten till two this afternoon we had a report of a car hitting the side of a building.
“We weren’t sure what to expect but on arrival we saw this Mercedes Benz backed halfway out of a seventh floor parking garage.

“The driver had gotten his foot stuck under the accelerator. He was coming across the back of the parking garage and created momentum, hitting this wall and almost coming all the way out.
Bad park 2
He added: “The crash caused bricks to fly out of the car park onto a car park below. We were very lucky that this only caused property damage and that no one was hurt.”

Because the back wheels of the car had not completely gone out of the building, police officers were able to drive it back into the car park. A piece of plywood was used to cover up the hole in the car park.

Kellie Hodge
Posted: April 30, 2010 by Kellie Hodge 1 comments
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Poor guy! Guess it is time to take the bus.
5/3/2010 11:26:40 PM