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Handy List of Car Hire Locations by Region in Portugal


This region is known as the breadbasket of Portugal and contains many wine producing areas. With car hire you can see the rolling plains of Alentejo which are populated by olive and cork trees. Alentejo is also comprised of Alentejo Central and Alentejo Litoral.

Car hire locations in Alentejo
•    Car hire Evora
•    Car hire Sines
•    Car hire Beja
•    Car hire Santarem
•    Car hire Elvas
•    Car hire Ponte de Sor

The Algarve

Located in the south of Portugal the Algarve does a roaring summer trade wherein its population almost doubles. Within the Algarve we have numerous car hire locations at places like Albufeira in Faro. Every year thousands of tourists come to this part of Portugal to enjoy the best beaches that the country has to offer.

Car hire locations in the Algarve

•    Car hire Faro
•    Car hire Faro Campas
•    Car hire Faro Montenegro.
•    Car hire Faro airport
•    Car hire Faro Edificio
•    Car hire Albufeira
•    Car hire Lagos
•    Car hire Tavira
•    Car hire Portimao
•    Car hire Portimao Alvor
•    Car hire Alfagar
•    Car hire Almancil
•    Car hire Alporchinos
•    Car hire Altura
•    Car hire Armacao De Pera
•    Car hire Carvoeiro
•    Car hire Ferragudo
•    Car hire Manta Rota
•    Car hire Montegordo
•    Car hire Pedras Rainha
•    Car hire Praia Da Rocha
•    Car hire Praia de Luz
•    Car hire Quarteira
•    Car hire Vilamoura
•    Car hire Mirandela
•    Car hire Braganca
•    Car hire Chaves

Baixo Mondego

Baixo Mondego has a coastline with the Atlantic Ocean to the west of Portugal and so is a popular place for tourists to visit who are looking for secluded beaches.

Car hire locations in Baixo Mondego

•    Car hire Coimbra
•    Car hire Figueira Da Foz
•    Car hire Arganil

Baixo Vouga Subregion

The Baixo Vouga Subregion comprises many different car hire locations. Among them Agueda is a municipality where we offer cheap car hire. Although this is a small area made up of 20 parishes having a car gives you the freedom to get out and about and explore.

Car hire locations in the Baixo Vouga Subregion

•    Car hire Aveiro Esguiera
•    Car hire Aveiro
•    Car hire Agueda
•    Car hire Sangalhos


Beira is made up of Beira Interior Sul, Beira Interior Norte, Biera Litoral and Beira Alte Province. Guarda is the most important city of this eastern region which borders Spain and we have car hire Guarda for your convenience.

Car hire locations in Beira

•    Car hire Viseu
•    Car hire Castelo Branco
•    Car hire Guarda
•    Car hire Fundao
•    Car hire Moimenta Da Beira
•    Car hire Pombal
•    Car hire Tondela

Cavado Subregion

The Cavado Subregion is made up of six municipalities and we have car hire available in, or near to, all of them.

Car hire locations in Cavado Subregion

•    Car hire Braga
•    Car hire Barcelos
•    Car hire Guimaraes
•    Car hire V.N. Famalicao

The Centro region

The Centro region has Coimbra as its capital and encompasses many other cities such as Agueda, Caldas de Rainha and Abrantes.

Car hire locations in the Centro region
•    Car hire Covilha
•    Car hire Leiria

Douro Subregion

The Douro Subregion one of the main wine producing regions of Portugal and produces the DOC Douro wine.

Car hire locations in Douro Subregion

•    Car hire Touraca
•    Car hire Lamego
•    Car hire Peso Da Regua
•    Car hire Vila Real

Grande Lisboa and Lisboa regions

Lisboa is one of the most important regions of Portugal containing many major cities and places of interest. It also has most of our car hire Portugal offices. Particularly worth a visit is the UNESCO World Heritage site of Sintra. You should also head to the beach resort of Estoril which is very appealing.

Car hire locations in Grande Lisboa

•    Car hire Sintra
•    Car hire Amadora
•    Car hire Cascais
•    Car hire Lisbon
•    Car hire Lisbon airport
•    Car hire Carnaxide
•    Car hire Mem Martins
•    Car hire Oerias
•    Car hire Avenida da Liberdade
•    Car hire Estoril
•    Car hire Miraflores

Grande Porto

Grande Porto is a very populous part of Portugal containing the Greater Metropolitan Area of Porto, a large city in the north. It also has an Atlantic Ocean coastline.  One of our locations, Aguiar da Beira, is inland away from the coast, but with low cost car rental Aguiar da Beira you can drive to the beach in no time at all. You can also rent a car to explore the beautiful Costa Verde which extends to the Minho River.

Car hire locations in Grande Porto

•    Car hire Porto
•    Car hire Porto Airport
•    Car hire Trofo
•    Car hire Espinho
•    Car hire Aguiar da Beira
•    Car hire Costa Verde
•    Car hire Felgueiras
•    Car hire Gaia
•    Car hire Maia
•    Car hire Pacos De Ferreira

Leziria do Tejo

Lezíria do Tejo is composed of eleven municipalities. We offer car hire Santarem and car hire Tomar.

Car hire locations in Leziria do Tejo

•    Car hire Santarem.
•    Car hire Tomar

Medio Tejo

Medio Tejo contains has eleven municipalities and quarter of a million inhabitants. You can pick up cheap cars in Abrantes. This municipality in Portugal lies on the right hand side of the River Tagus. With a car you can drive easily to the capital Lisbon if you wish.

Car hire locations in Medio Tejo

•    Car hire Santarem.
•    Car hire Abrantes
•    Car hire Torres Novas

Peninsula de Setubal

The Peninsula de Setubal is a popular place to rent cars in Portugal, particularly from its larger cities Setubal and Almada. Its nine municipalities are all close to the coast.

Car hire locations in Peninsula de Setubal

•    Car hire Setubal
•    Car hire Almada
•    Car hire Moita
•    Car hire Sesimbra
•    Car hire Montijo
•    Car hire Sines

Tamega Subregion

The Tamega Subregion is an agricultural and wine producing region in the north of Portugal. With car hire Amarante or car hire Penafiel you can see some spectacular Portuguese countryside.

Car hire locations in the Tamega Subregion

•    Car hire Penafiel
•    Car hire Amarante

Oueste Subregion

The Oueste Subregion has 12 municipalities and a coastline with the Atlantic ocean on the west side of Portugal. Alcobaca is the main city here.

Car hire locations in the Oueste Subregion

•    Car hire Alcobaca
•    Car hire Caldas Da Rainha
•    Car hire Torres Vedras

Minho Lima is a very picturesque part of Portugal and it is in the far north of the country. With car hire Viano do Castelo or car hire Arcos De Valdevez you can see some stunning scenery.
Car hire locations in Minho lima

•    Car hire Arcos De Valdevez
•    Car hire Viano do Castelo


The Azores are a beautiful group of island in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Portugal. As they are very popular with tourists, you should book your car hire ahead of time.

•    Car hire AZORES - Ilha Terceira
•    Car hire AZORES - Ilha Terceira Airport
•    Car hire AZORES - Ponta Delgada Airport


Madeira is a beautiful volcanic island off the coast of Portugal. It has incredible lush, sub tropical vegetation and a world class botanical garden.

Car hire locations in Madeira

•    Car hire Funchal
•    Car hire Funchal airport
•    Car hire Maderia
•    Car hire Maderia Airport
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