Sofia Weather

Sofia Weather Overview:
Sofia is located in a high altitude valley, a factor that influences its weather. You’ll experience hot summers and long, cold winters in the city and potentially unusual weather in spring and autumn when you can encounter heatwaves or heavy snow.
All Time Highs and Lows:
In July 2003, Sofia suffered temperatures of 41C in that year’s heatwave. Six years later a low of -31.2 was seen in January 2010.

Weather Science:
Sofia is a city located in the Balkan Mountains and is high up, surrounded by mountains. The Koppen Classification for the area is humid continental meaning hot summers with high risk of thunderstorms and cold snowy winters.

The Seasons:

Spring: Spring is often a very short season in Sofia and can experience very warm weather bringing summer on early or very cold weather, extending winter. March temperature extremes over the years have seen 31C and -18C. In a normal year you can find five days of snow in March, one in April but by the time May comes, summer is with you.

Summer: Summers are very hot with the temperature in the 80s and 90s. It becomes very sticky and humid in the city and regularly thunderstorms break out bringing about the highest precipitation levels for the year. Sunshine hours are exceptional though with ten being the average for July.

Autumn: Again autumn can be a very short season as summer often extends deep into September and October. It’s only once November is firmly with us that the temperature dips and snowy days become common. September can see temperatures in the eighties whilst the seventies are not uncommon for October.

Winter: December brings the start of the snow season which sees snow falling on forty days of the winter and staying on the ground for a little over two months. Temperatures don’t rise above freezing for much of it although the humidity seen in January and February can bring freezing fog coverage to the city.

Best Time to Visit:
The length of the seasons plus the unpredictability of spring and autumn make choosing a good month for visiting Sofia quite difficult. May is a good choice but can be very hot and humid whilst September is equally hot but the summer humidity is starting to drift away making the evenings and nights more bearable.