Plovdiv Weather

Plovdiv Weather Overview:
Plovdiv is inland in Bulgaria and as such enjoys a continental climate of hot summers and cold winters when snow is common. Rainfall is highest in summer but even then, not much falls.
All Time Highs and Lows:
Plovdiv has big variances in its weather and as such its highs and lows are quite exceptional In January 1929 the lowest ever recorded temperature in Plovdiv was seen when the thermometer bottomed out at -31.5C whilst in 2003, the European heatwave saw 45C recorded in July that year.

Weather Science:
Graz has a humid continental climate due to its inland position in Bulgaria. However the proximity of the Black Sea to the east and the Mediterranean to the south, exerts a not insignificant influence on the weather giving it four distinctive seasons.

The Seasons:

Spring: There’s a noticeable change in the weather once March arrives and temperatures, whilst still cold, are a considerable improvement on February. Precipitation is low and the worst of the winter snow is a distant memory. Sunshine levels begin to improve from the gloom of the winter and you’ll see around three to four hours a day on average.

Summer: The summer in Plovdiv is very hot and temperatures will exceed ninety on most days from late June through to late August. Whilst humidity is lower than at other times of the year, the sub-tropical influences from the south and east mean that nights can be sticky. Sunshine hours average nine or ten a day now and summer storms, usually at night, bring the highest level of precipitation for the year.

Autumn: Autumn comes quickly to Plovdiv as a result of its continental location. By the end of September the air is noticeably cooler and the sun loses its fierceness. October can see the first frosts and by November coats and gloves are the order of the day. Rainfall has eased off now and certainly through to mid-October, you can enjoy plenty of sunny, if cool days.

Winter: Winters are very harsh in Plovdiv. You may not see much snow although there’s an average of 33 days a year when it falls. Temperatures are around freezing during the day and can fall to ten or more below after dark. Sunshine is scarce now and many days will see mist and fog, especially off the river which is slightly warmer than the air around it.

Best Time to Visit:
Spring is cool in Plovdiv and if you don’t mind taking a warm top around with you, especially in the evenings, you’ll find it a great time to visit. Autumn is also a good time and until mid-October it’ll be pleasantly warm with cooler evenings. Avoid July and August for the heat is draining and no good for sightseeing.