Klagenfurt Weather

Klagenfurt Weather Overview:
Klagenfurt is found on the southern border of Austria equidistant from Vienna and Innsbruck. Its location north of the Karawanken Mountains to the south negates the effect of the Mediterranean giving it cold winters and hot summers.
All Time Highs and Lows:
Klagenfurt’s highest recorded temperature was in the heatwave of 2003 when the thermometer showed 35.8C. At the other end of the scale, the lowest recorded temperature was in 1964 when -25.6 was seen in February of that year.

Weather Science:
Klagenfurt enjoys a continental climate being sheltered from the Oceanic climate effects by mountain ranges, remaining open to the east and continental Europe. Icy winter days can be studded with warm ones when the foehn wind blows down the northern flanks of the Karawanken Mountains.

The Seasons:

Spring: Temperatures pick up slowly at first with March still remaining only just above freezing for the majority of it. As we pass through April and May, matters improve. March still has over eight days of snow on average but this soon drops to one in April and rarely in May. Sunshine levels are very good with six hours a day being the average throughout the season. Rainfall gradually increases though as the season progresses.

Summer: Summers are fabulous in Klagenfurt with hot days where the temperature reaches 80f regularly. There are over eight hours a day of sunshine and it’s only spoiled by thunderstorms accompanied by heavy downpours when the humidity increases.

Autumn: Temperatures plummet in the autumn as the air stills and fog becomes a problem. From September’s reasonable temperature of around 70f, November barely rises above freezing. Rainfall is decreasing but snowy days return in November.

Winter: The foggy weather continues into winter but snow is becoming much more of a problem with well over half of winter days seeing some snowfall. Around 20 inches a month falls on average and temperatures are well below freezing, only occasionally rising above -10C in January. Sunshine levels are low with barely an hour or so on average each day.

Best Time to Visit:
Klagenfurt is a great place to visit in the late spring. The weather is warming nicely and the fields are again green with spring growth. September can be a good time but you can’t rely on the weather being good for the entire duration of your stay.