Short Notice Car Hire - Book Last Minute Car Hire Now!

Forgotten to Pre-Book? Need to Book Car Hire at Short Notice?

If you've been caught out and need to rent a car at short notice and worried about what you'll be charged when you walk into the agents office, fear not, at Rhino, you can book online, by phone, or even use our snazzy iPhone App to make your booking and pick the car up within the hour!

99 times out of 100, we confirm your rental and issue a confirmation e-mail within the hour and you can present this via your smart phone (or using the iPhone app) if you've not got a printer handy.

short notice car hireReasons for Late Notice Car Hire

  • Forgotten to pre-book
  • Changed dates of your trip
  • Need a replacement car
  • Emergency travel arrangements
  • Booking cancelled at last minute
  • Car broken down
  • Car being repaired after an accident

Or indeed, if you have to hire a car unexpectedly, for instance if you've had an unexpected breakdown and your own car is out of action for a while, we can arrange a rental for a few days with just a few minutes notice.

Convenience of Last Minute Car Hire

Our iPhone app will look for the rental office closest to your current location and we'll get the best deal from all of our agents in the area, you see more information on the App here and visit itunes to download on your iPhone of iPad.

So if you've forgotten to pre-book, or find yourself without a car at short notice, you'd be surprised how much you could still save over the rate offered directly by the agent if you arrive at short notice!

Top Short Notice Car Hire Locations

  • Short notice car hire Heathrow Airport
  • Short notice car hire Dubai Airport
  • Short notice car hire LAX Airport
  • Short notice car hire Las Vegas Airport
  • Short notice car hire in the UK
  • Short notice car hire in the USA
  • Short notice car hire in Dubai
  • Short notice car hire in Spain