Long Term Car Hire Discount

Looking for long term Car Hire? Look no further than Rhino Car Hire. We can provide you with an affordable quote and take you through all the necessary steps to hiring a car on a long-term basis.

At Rhino Car Hire we search a range of leading suppliers to provide you with a car that suits your needs. The majority of our suppliers will be able to provide you with a car for 28 days and many will extend this length of time. We currently have vehicles available on our website, for example, that can be hired for two months. In some cases a booking may be declined initially if you are entering a period of more than 28 days into the system. Please get in touch with our customer service team in this instance who, are on hand to help with any specific requirements.

In some cases the rental agent will accept a long-term booking but will have the requirement that you return to the car hire office/desk after 28 days to re-sign any appropriate documents. It is also important to read any related terms and conditions. A common one in relation to long-term rentals is that the mileage is unlimited for rentals of 27 days or more, however for longer durations the miles are limited to 70 miles a day and any additional miles will be charged at an extra cost.

The longer you rent the more affordable car hire becomes, so if you have long term travel plans or maybe you just need a replacement car let us help you with our exclusive Long Term Car Hire Discount!

Many car hire companies also incentivise their long-term car hire, so it can be worth looking at what added extras you may be entitled to. For example, europcar offer A free valet once a month and Unlimited Free Additional Drivers with their Long Term Plan. Rhino Car Hire will be able to search through all of the leading suppliers to find you the most competitive price on a long-term rental.
Locations Approx Cost (28 days)* Possible Reasons
UK £321 Business trip, long haul travel
Spain £483 Holiday home, summer season work
France £458 Holiday home, winter season work
Dubai £313 Business trip, extended holiday
*based on 28 days rental during October 2016

There are many reasons why people hire a car on a long-term basis. Below is a table outlining some of those possible reasons, as well as an idea of the cost of a rental for more than 28 days. 

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