Cross Border Car Hire

More and more people are seeing the benefits of having a hire car whilst on holiday, it gives you the freedom to explore the routes of your choice and this can even be over more than one country. Maybe you are planning a holiday in the South of France but would love to include a trip to northern Spain; can you do this in your hire car? Rhino Car Hire have put together the following information on cross border car hire to hopefully provide you with all the answers you need.

Can I cross borders in my hire car?

On the whole if you are travelling within Europe it is possible to hire a car in one country and cross the border into another, for example, you could pick up the car in France and cross over the border into Spain. However if this is part of your travel plan then it is a requirement to tell your car hire company this information at the time of booking. This is largely for insurance purposes. In order to cover the cost of any further insurance an additional fee will be applied to the booking. The current cost of a cross border fee, when hiring a car in France is €60 to give you an example. The exact details for cross border car hire are listed on the Rhino Car Hire website under the car hire companies’ terms and conditions.

cross border car hireHow does cross border car hire work?

This will depend on the country you are wishing to cross borders with, but let us give you some examples. It is possible to hire a car direct from any of the major airports in France including, Marseille, Nice and Charles de Gaulle, from here you can take your hire car across the border into Italy, Switzerland or Spain. Rhino Car Hire would arrange this for you and ask that you return the car to its pick up point. It can even be possible to return the car to a different location, however a higher charge will apply for this service and all car hire providers do not offer it. (It is always more cost effective to return the car to the original pick up point).

Can I take a hire car from the UK to Europe?

You may be thinking of hiring your car in the UK and then travelling on to your holiday destination. This is often possible, however the additional fees will be added to cover European insurance. It may be worth looking into the option of hiring one car in the UK and one at your destination, as this could work out to be a cheaper option. Our customer service advisers will always be happy to advise you further on this.

Cross Border Car Hire: Anomalies

  • If you have hired a car in the north of Cyprus you are not allowed to drive it into the South of Cyprus.
  • Due to insurance purposes it is not usually possible to hire a car with 7 seats or more when wishing to cross borders.
  • Be careful if you are collecting a hire car from Switzerland and wishing to cross borders. A recent EU law prohibits EU citizens taking a non EU registered rental car from Switzerland into France and other EU countries, read more on how to avoid falling foul of the EU law affecting hire cars in Switzerland here.

Booking your cross border car hire in Europe

Once you have decided on your destination of travel, simply fill in the search information on our easy to use website. From here Rhino will search all of the leading car hire companies to provide you with a quote best suited to your requirements. We are able to show prices on a wide selection of vehicles, with each car having individual terms and conditions relating to cross border hire. Please contact our customer service team with details of where you are wishing to travel at the time of booking so we can insure you are fully covered for the duration of your trip.