14 Day Car Hire - Need to Hire a Car for 2 Weeks?

The traditional family 2 week holiday is still going strong...

With recent pressure on family budgets, it's pleasing to know that a recent survey suggested that families are making cut backs on all parts of daily life but doing all they can to save the 2 week summer holiday. Viewed as important family time, a chance for everyone to leave the stresses and worries at home and enjoy 2 weeks of rest and relaxation, or entertaining the kids!

With many holiday makers getting more adventurous with the rise of low cost airlines, more and more destinations are becoming popular away from the traditional holiday hotspots and families are tailoring their holidays to suit their bespoke needs in please of the 90's package holidays. Of course, part of that planning involves travel and what better way to get around than in a rental car.

Cheapest deals on 2 Week Car Hire

If you need to hire a car for 2 weeks, you will have access the very best deals as it's the optimum length of time that rental agents like to have their cars booked for. It gives them comfort that the car is with a single customer for a good length of time and they don't need to worry about the admin around turnover of the vehicle. With this in mind, pricing is very competitive and it's likely you'll under the daily rental charge of a short term rental by as much as 50%.

At Rhino, as we work with all of the leading car hire agents around the world, we make sure that those savings are passed on to our customers and we don't think you'll find a better deal on 14 day car hire anywhere in the world. If you do, let us know and with our new Price Match, we're confident we can better any like for like quote!

Top 14 Day Car Hire Locations

  • 14 day car hire France
  • 14 day car hire Italy
  • 14 day car hire Greece
  • 14 day car hire Spain
  • 14 day car hire Faro Airport
  • 14 day car hire Alicante Airport
  • 14 day car hire Malaga Airport
  • 14 day car hire Nice Airport